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           2011 Calendar of Events




February 4 Office of Emergency Management Open House Closed
February 12 Nassau County Fire Department Rescue Course Closed
February 16

Switch Technologies sponsored event regarding I-Pad Integration with Apple Inc.

February 23

DHS Office of University Programs

February 28

ASFHS/RRP/DHS S&T participate in Science and Tech Seminar

March 21 U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand & Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano Press Conference Closed
March 25 Contingency Planning Exchange, Long Island Chapter Event Invitation
March 27 Nassau County Office of Emergency Management with SkyWarn Invitation
March 29

CPR/AED class hosted by American Heart Association and Nassau OEM

April 2 United States Coast Guard "All Hands" Seminar Closed
April 7 MAC Source and National Fire and Safety Seminar: Solutions for Healthcare Organizations Invitation
April 14 NY State Regional Meeting hosted by Nassau County Office of Emergency Management Invitation
April 20 Export Seminar hosted by Long Island Forum for Technology Registration
April 27 DHS Press Event Closed
April 29

Counter-Terrorism Special Topics Workshop, Hosted by National Center for Security & Preparedness

May 3 Strategic National Stockpile Training hosted by Nassau OEM Closed
May 9-10 ICS 100 Part 1 & 2 hosted by Nassau OEM Registration
May 11 NY-NJ-CT Regional Transit Security Working Group (RTSWG) meeting: hosted by NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Closed
May 12 Blood drive hosted by Nassau University Medical Center Open
May 17 Long Island Chapter of Commercial Industrial Brokers Society Event Registration
May 24

Urban Area Working Group meeting hosted by Nassau OEM

June 6-7 ICS 200 Part 1 & 2 hosted by Nassau OEM Registration
June 8 MacSource event Registration
June 9 LIFT IT and AITP Event Registration
June 10 Summit School Visit Closed
June 14 Town of Oyster Bay Hurricane Preparedness Seminar | Pictures>> Closed
June 17 LIMBA Event hosted by LIFT Closed
June 20 MacSource Event Registration
June 21

AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals) meeting hosted by LIFT

June 22-23 ICS 400 Part 1 & 2 hosted by Nassau OEM Registration
July 12-13 ICS 700 Part 1 & 2 Registration
July 13 Hurricane Tabletop exercise hosted by LIPA Closed
July 18-20 Ropella Leadership in the Trenches for Emergency Response Personnel Registration
July 27 SkyWarn Class hosted by NOAA and Nassau OEM Registration
August 1 Emergency Management Seminar hosted by Nassau County OEM Closed
August 2-4 Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents (I-300) training hosted by DHSES Registration
August 5 Village Officials Association Workshop hosted by Nassau OEM Closed
August 9-11 Emergency Planning (G-235) training hosted by DHSES Registration
August 18 Moulage Training hosted by Nassau OEM  
August 22 Compass and Orienteering hosted by Nassau County CERT  
August 25-28 Hurricane Irene operations at the Facility  
September 14 CERT County Meeting hosted by Nassau OEM Open
September 17 Long Island Hurricane Symposium hosted by ASFHS | Pictures>> Registration
September 20 Foundation, Nassau Office of Emergency Management, and Office of the Nassau County Executive will be hosting a briefing on Presidential Policy Directive #8 for Federal, state and local officials from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island Invitation
September 22 MRC General Membership Meeting hosted by Nassau DOH  
September 27 Affective Communications G-242 training hosted by DHSES Registration
September 29 Problem Solving G-241 class hosted by DHSES Registration
October 12 ITAR Seminar hosted by LIFT Registration
October 18 Nursing Home Hotwash hosted by Nassau DOH Invitation
October 22 SkyWarn course hosted by Nassau CERT Registration
November 3 Manufacturing in New York State- A 21st Century Model for Growth & Sustainability- hosted by LIFT Registration
November 10 Surviving the 2% tax levy limit workshop hosted by CCSI Invitation
November 15 HR's Role in Business Continuity hosted by ASFHS Registration
November 16 Government IT Initiatives and Benefits to Local Businesses hosted by LIBA Registration
November 17 Meta-Leadership Post-Summit Conference Registration
November 18 The Briefing on Presidential Policy Directive #8- National Preparedness Invitation
November 29

Nassau/Suffolk School Board Association Meeting hosted by CCSI

December 3 2011 Long Island Influenza Symposium hosted by ASFHS Registration


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